Can’t Get No Respect

 Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last week was a great week for Provade. We announced our restructuring ( and strategic focus on bringing a true Cloud VMS to market, and we did this while attending our two most important shows of the year – Oracle OpenWorld and the Contingent Workforce Summit (CWS). The release of this excellent news brought a lot of people to our booths and even higher traffic than normal.

In that traffic there was an interesting theme that I heard repeated by many at the CWS. It was “my company has a contingent and/or SOW program that is under $50M annually and I can’t get any of the big VMS or MSP players to give me the time of day”. The sense of frustration in their voices was palpable. Many of them had come from larger companies where they had worked with a big VMS and MSP and now want to replicate what they had. But one of the first questions they were asked when they approached vendors at the show was “so, what’s your spend?”. And they all saw the immediate change in demeanor when they answered $25M or $10M and knew they were not going to be a priority.

Eventually many of them made it to booth 416 and our team made a lot of new friends. While we have customers who spend in the hundreds of millions, through many of our mid market MSP partners we have other customers who spend less than $5M. One of the reasons for this is how quickly our solution can be implemented, but just as important is the fact that we recognize the mid market as a terribly underserved segment and we value their business as much as we do our large customers’. And those smaller customers should not have to settle for a solution that comes with little to no service, or that does not offer the enterprise security and flawless uptime of Provade.

If you feel like Rodney Dangerfield give us a call. We’ll pay you the respect you deserve and relieve the frustration you’ll experience going to our competition.


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